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25 Years of Half-Life: A Milestone Celebration with New Maps and Free Giveaways on Steam

Valve has released an update for the game Half-Life in celebration of its 25th anniversary (not counting the three-year delay). The update includes the following new additions:

Half-Life Uplink, previously released as an Xbox exclusive for CD-Special bonus material or hardware bonuses, is a story mode created after the completion of the game. It is now available for general play.

New multiplayer maps including Contamination, Pool Party, Disposal, and Rocket Frenzy have been added.

Multiplayer maps from the special CD version, Half-Life: Further Data, released in 1999, have been brought back for play. These maps include Double Cross, Rust Mill, and Xen DM.

Engine graphics have been improved and now support widescreen monitors. Bugs related to lighting have been fixed, and software rendering is now supported on Linux.

A new and improved UI has been implemented to accommodate larger, high-resolution screens. The game was originally designed for CRT monitors with a resolution of 640×480.

Controller support has been added from the start, eliminating the need for additional configuration.

Steam Networking has been enhanced, making it easier for friends to join and play together.

Full support for playing on the Steam Deck has been implemented. The team has worked diligently to ensure the game is playable on the Steam Deck.

In addition to these updates, Half-Life is currently available for free on Steam. Normally priced at 189 baht, players can now claim their free copy on Steam.

TLDR: Valve celebrates Half-Life’s 25th anniversary with an update that includes new content, improved graphics, enhanced UI, controller support, better networking, and full compatibility with the Steam Deck. The game is also available for free on Steam.

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