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Blizzard Unveils Diablo’s Transformation into an Exquisite Game Board and Tabletop RPG

Blizzard has announced a remarkable collaboration with Glass Cannon Unplugged to transform the renowned video game Diablo into a captivating board game and tabletop RPG experience. By joining forces with Glass Cannon Unplugged, an expert in adapting video games into board games, Blizzard aims to bring the beloved Diablo franchise to a whole new level of immersive gameplay.

Prior to this exciting announcement, Glass Cannon Unplugged has effectively converted other popular video games such as Frostpunk, Dying Light, and Apex Legends into successful board game adaptations. While specific details about the Diablo board game are still scarce, it has been revealed that a Kickstarter campaign will be launched in 2024 to raise funds for its development, with the final product expected to hit the shelves in 2025.

Jakub Wiśniewski, the CEO of Glass Cannon Unplugged, shared his enthusiasm for this incredible endeavor, stating that working with Blizzard feels like a dream come true. Thanks to the excellent support from Blizzard, the company has gained access to a wealth of information about Diablo, including discussions with the director and loremaster of the game’s storyline.

In collaboration with Blizzard Entertainment, Glass Cannon Unplugged is proud to present Diablo®: The RPG & Board Game. Prepare to immerse yourself in the dark and thrilling Diablo universe like never before, with the release set for 2024. Stay tuned for updates and subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest news on Diablo® RPG and Diablo® Board Game. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure! #Diablo #DiabloRPG #DiabloBoardGame🔥

TLDR: Blizzard and Glass Cannon Unplugged are teaming up to create a board game and tabletop RPG adaptation of the popular video game Diablo. Glass Cannon Unplugged, known for their successful board game adaptations of Frostpunk, Dying Light, and Apex Legends, will launch a Kickstarter campaign in 2024 to fund the project, with a projected release date for the board game in 2025. The collaboration has given Glass Cannon Unplugged unprecedented access to Diablo’s lore and creative team, making this an exciting venture for fans of the franchise. Stay tuned for further updates and prepare to experience the Diablo universe in a whole new way.

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