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Cancellation of NVIDIA’s AI Summit, scheduled to be held in Israel next week

NVIDIA has announced the cancellation of its AI Summit event, originally scheduled to take place in Tel Aviv, Israel, next week. This decision was made due to security concerns, as Israel recently declared war in the Gaza Strip following numerous attacks by Hamas militants.

The AI Summit was originally planned for October 15-16 and was set to feature a keynote speech by CEO Jensen Huang, as well as the participation of around 2,500 developers and researchers. The event was set to cover topics such as Generative AI, supercomputing, LLM, autonomous vehicles, healthcare technology, and cybersecurity.

In light of the situation in Israel, NVIDIA expressed its deep regret and emphasized the paramount importance of safety, leading to the cancellation of the event.

TLDR: NVIDIA cancels AI Summit in Tel Aviv due to security concerns amidst the ongoing conflict in Israel. The event, which was set to feature talks on various AI topics, had attracted thousands of participants. Safety remains the company’s top priority. (Note: TLDR stands for “Too Long, Didn’t Read” and summarizes the main points of the content.)

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