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Elusive Heights: Inaugural Prelude of Silence – Reception Leaves Much to Be Desired

SILENT HILL: Ascension, the first episode of the series, received mixed reviews from players. Many were disappointed with the combat and chaotic horror elements, which deviated from the creators’ goal of returning the franchise to its grandeur of the first and second games.

The initial response to SILENT HILL: Ascension was less than favorable, with viewers expressing dissatisfaction with the user experience, considering the steep price they paid. Some reported encountering streaming issues, with the stream freezing or being redirected to other tabs after a few minutes.

Another issue with SILENT HILL: Ascension is the lack of chat filters. Reddit users complained about spam messages with peculiar phrases like “cummy in my tummy” or “Hideo Kojima” stuck at the top of the chat.

Jacob Navok, CEO of Genvid, the developer of the series, spoke to Kotaku and addressed the unexpected reception. He mentioned that the series received over a million pre-registrations and exceeded viewership expectations, causing some backend system unpreparedness. However, the team worked to resolve the issues and accommodate the increased viewership.

Regarding the chat filtering problem, Jacob acknowledged that it became a bigger issue than anticipated due to the high volume of users and pledged to prioritize its resolution. He mentioned that back-end issues caused pre-uploaded forbidden words to be rejected by the system during actual usage, and the system took 10 minutes to filter different phrases.

Looking at Konami’s perspective, they are hopeful for SILENT HILL: Ascension’s success. Motoi Okamoto, the producer in charge at Konami, expressed pride in this project, as it marks the revival of the Silent Hill franchise.

The presentation format of SILENT HILL: Ascension resembles interactive games like Until Dawn and Telltale’s games. However, this series combines the essence of Silent Hill with viewers’ decision-making during streams. Players have 24 hours to make decisions about the 15-minute-long episodes and solve mysteries to earn influence points, the in-game currency that significantly impacts their choices.

Although the series can be accessed for free, it includes a Battle Pass system. While players can earn influence points for free, purchasing the Founder’s Pack for 699 baht provides additional rewards, influence points, and over 100 exclusive cosmetic items. This offer is available until November 14th, but the first season of SILENT HILL: Ascension spans over six months before its conclusion.

TLDR: SILENT HILL: Ascension’s first episode received mixed reviews, with players unhappy about the combat and chaotic horror elements. The initial stream experienced technical difficulties, and there was a lack of chat filtering, resulting in spam messages. Despite the challenges, the series garnered a high number of pre-registrations and viewership. Konami is optimistic about the project, and the series introduces a unique interactive format with decision-making and influence points. A Battle Pass system is in place, offering rewards for players. The series will run for over six months.

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