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Enhanced Display and Extended Battery Life Unveiled by Valve with the Introduction of Steam Deck OLED

Valve has unveiled the Steam Deck OLED, a new portable gaming device, as stated in previously released documents. This upgrade primarily focuses on the display, rather than a significant increase in specifications as previously indicated by the management. The Steam Deck OLED improves on the original LCD screen by replacing it with an OLED panel, resulting in a larger 7.4-inch display within the same device size. The battery has been enhanced to provide 30-50% longer usage compared to the previous model. Additionally, the connectivity has been upgraded to Wi-Fi 6E, and the weight has been reduced by 30 grams.

The Steam Deck OLED is available in two storage options: 512GB and 1TB, priced at $549 and $649 respectively. There is also a limited edition 1TB version featuring a translucent gray theme, which Valve states is a market test to gauge consumer response. The products are scheduled to begin shipping on November 16th.

As for the original Steam Deck, the LCD model has undergone a price reduction. Valve plans to discontinue the production of the 64GB and 512GB versions, leaving only the 256GB model available.

TLDR: Valve introduces the Steam Deck OLED, featuring an upgraded OLED display, improved battery life, and lighter weight. The device comes in 512GB and 1TB storage options, with a limited edition translucent gray version. The original LCD Steam Deck has reduced prices and will be available only in the 256GB model. Shipping begins on November 16th.

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