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Apple ceases the sales of iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 mini, halting their technological reign.

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 15, its flagship smartphone for the year, several older models were either discontinued or had their prices adjusted as alternative options. Among the iPhones that Apple ended sales for include the iPhone 13 mini, a compact 5.4-inch flagship model that is the last remaining version available. Similar to the iPhone 12, which ceased sales due to Apple’s decision to position the iPhone 13 as the oldest flagship still available for purchase. As for the iPhone 14, only the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus models remain, with the Pro version removed from the lineup, just like the previous year.

The following are all the iPhone models available for purchase through Apple:

– iPhone SE starting from 17,900 baht (64GB)
– iPhone 13 starting from 24,900 baht (128GB), previously priced at 29,900 baht
– iPhone 14 starting from 29,900 baht (128GB), previously priced at 32,900 baht
– iPhone 14 Plus starting from 32,900 baht (128GB), previously priced at 37,900 baht
– iPhone 15 starting from 32,900 baht (128GB)
– iPhone 15 Plus starting from 37,900 baht (128GB)
– iPhone 15 Pro starting from 41,900 baht (128GB)
– iPhone 15 Pro Max starting from 48,900 baht (256GB)

However, discontinued iPhone models may still be available for purchase through other channels not affiliated with Apple.

TLDR: Apple’s recent launch of the iPhone 15 resulted in the discontinuation or price adjustments of several older models, leaving the iPhone 13 mini as the last remaining flagship available for purchase. The iPhone 14 lineup saw the removal of the Pro version, with only the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus models remaining. Apple now offers a range of iPhone models, starting from the iPhone SE all the way up to the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Discontinued models may still be accessible through non-Apple channels.

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