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Apple Vision Pro: Unity Unveils 3D Application Creation Tools for Virtual Reality

Unity has released a spatial development tool (let’s not call it VR) to welcome the launch of the Apple Vision Pro glasses, after beta testing since July 2023.

To use it, you must have Unity 2022 LTS as a foundation and install the visionOS build target, which is only supported on Apple Silicon chips for Mac.

Unity specifies that creating “spatial experiences” (let’s not call them apps) for visionOS is possible in three ways:

1. Running regular content in a 2D window that users can move and resize.
2. Porting existing VR games to visionOS.
3. Creating mixed reality experiences that combine content with the real environment.

An example of a VR app ported to visionOS using this tool is the LEGO Builder’s Journey puzzle game that was previously available on PC, as well as TRIPP on the Meta Quest.

TLDR: Unity has introduced a spatial development tool for the Apple Vision Pro glasses, allowing for the creation of spatial experiences on visionOS. This tool supports running 2D content, porting VR games, and creating mixed reality experiences. An example of a ported VR app is LEGO Builder’s Journey.

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