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Archax: The Genuine Creation for Profitable Ventures – Emulating Anime-Styled Driveable Automatons with a Price Tag of a Whopping 100 Million Baht per Unit

Tsubame Industries, a Japanese company, has opened pre-orders for their latest robot model, Archax. This robot is a real-life version of a character from an anime and production time is estimated to be between 12-18 months. Priced at 400 million yen per unit (approximately 100 million baht), Archax is a highly anticipated release in the world of Japanese sci-fi entertainment.

Established in 2021, Tsubame Industries aims to bring fictional items from various forms of entertainment into reality. Amongst the Japanese sci-fi entertainment industry, nothing is more iconic than anime robots. Recognizing this, Tsubame decided to officially create and release Archax.

Archax, the first robot of Tsubame, stands at 4.5 meters tall in Robot Mode and can transform into Vehicle Mode, reducing its height to 3.9 meters. It features a closed cockpit and 4 legs.

Controlled by a joystick and a pedal, the robot resembles its anime counterpart. Inside the cockpit, there are 9 cameras that provide real-time visual information on 4 screens, allowing the pilot to be aware of their surroundings. Upon entering the cockpit, the robot announces, “Hatch closed” and “Main switch on”. Unlike the cockpit, the entire Archax unit doesn’t have any windows.

To move, Archax utilizes 4 wheels, with the rear wheels serving as the driving wheels, while the front wheels enable turning. It can reach a maximum speed of 10 kilometers per hour and weighs 3.5 metric tons. However, it is important to note that Archax can also be controlled remotely.

With a total of 26 connection points on its steel/aluminum alloy frame, Archax is made with a FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Plastic) and ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) body, powered by batteries. This environmentally-friendly design sets it apart from colossal oil-powered robots, like in Gundam or Armored Core.

The production time of Archax is estimated to be between 12-18 months, with a price tag of 400 million yen (100 million baht) per unit. The cost includes maintenance and repairs for a duration of 1 year, free of charge.

Initially, Tsubame aims to deliver 5 Archax units. However, the ordering process is expected to be a lottery system, as there doesn’t seem to be an official online ordering platform. To reserve an Archax, interested individuals will need to directly email the company at info@tsubame-hi.com.

TLDR: Tsubame Industries from Japan has unveiled Archax, a robot that brings anime characters to life. With a production time of 12-18 months, Archax is priced at 400 million yen (approximately 100 million baht) per unit. It can transform from Robot Mode to Vehicle Mode and features a closed cockpit, 9 cameras, and remote control capabilities. Archax is made with environmentally-friendly materials and is expected to be in high demand. To pre-order, individuals must email Tsubame Industries directly.

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