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AWS Acquires Fig: A New Era of Software Development with Autocomplete and Team Collaboration

Amazon Web Services has acquired Fig, a cutting-edge software command-line interface (CLI) that offers a versatile customization experience without disclosing the deal’s value. Fig’s concept revolves around incorporating new-era IDE features, such as autocomplete and addressing the needs of modern teams. This includes facilitating script creation for internal workflows and enabling team members to collaborate on script modifications. Additionally, Fig provides secure sharing of SSH keys for remote server access and allows for team-wide sharing of .dotfiles for configuring shells.

Fig’s development began in 2020 and is currently exclusively available on macOS, with Windows/Linux versions under development. The pricing starts at $12 per user per month, with a free-tier option available for independent developers and companies with fewer than 10 members.

After the acquisition by AWS, Fig will continue to serve its existing customers as usual, but with all features transitioning to free. The company will temporarily halt accepting new customers to prepare for its integration with AWS services.

Source: Fig Blog

Fig, a software company, recently announced the introduction of a new AI feature that automatically generates commit messages, summarizes code differences, and adheres to project conventions. This feature is built into Fig’s autocomplete and is designed to enhance productivity and streamline development processes.

But that’s not all. Fig also provides a simple way to add AI capabilities to any command-line interface (CLI) tool. In just 10 lines of TypeScript, developers can integrate AI functionalities and unlock new possibilities for their CLI tools.

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