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Cancellation of Monthly Seat Heating Subscription by BMW: A Dissonant Retort

BMW has implemented a subscription system to charge a monthly fee for accessing software features for a certain period of time. However, last year BMW expanded its charging system to include equipment in the car, starting with heated seats, which sparked controversy among BMW users.

Recently, Autocar interviewed Pieter Nota, the sales and marketing executive, who stated that BMW will now expand its subscription services to include additional payment for software features only, such as driving assistance and parking assistance systems, which will receive continuous updates. The equipment in the car will not incur any additional charges.

He mentioned that BMW initially considered operating the equipment by charging customers extra, but the response was not favorable. Customers felt that they were being charged twice because the equipment was already installed in the car. Though this was not the case, BMW had to abandon this approach when customers perceived it that way.

TLDR: BMW is expanding its subscription service by charging extra fees for software features, while equipment in the car will no longer incur additional charges. The decision comes after customers expressed dissatisfaction with the previous payment system, believing they were being charged for equipment already installed in their vehicles.

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