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CEO X’s Revelatory Interview: Affirmation of Executive Authority and Astonishing Absence of X Apps on the Front Face of the iPhone

There are additional interesting points from Linda Yaccarino, the CEO of X, who was interviewed at the Code Conference. In addition to stating that X will be profitable by 2024, Yaccarino provided daily active user (DAU) numbers for the platform. After Julia Boorstin, a CNBC journalist, asked about the user count, Yaccarino initially stated it was at 225 million accounts. However, after the interview, X provided updated figures, revealing that it had 245 million accounts. This number is a decrease from the 259.4 million accounts that Elon Musk had previously disclosed in November, shortly after acquiring the company.

Another question on stage was whether Yaccarino’s role at X or Twitter had the highest level of authority. Boorstin raised this query, considering that Twitter experienced a significant withdrawal of advertisers previously. Yaccarino, who was previously the head of advertising at NBCUniversal, likely joined X to address this issue. While all product development teams still report to Elon Musk, Yaccarino confirmed that she has decision-making power. However, due to X’s flat organizational structure, decision-making can happen swiftly. Finally, there was a humorous question of who wouldn’t want Elon Musk sitting beside them to oversee the product. Many attendees at the conference raised their hands.

This issue gained more attention when Boorstin questioned Musk’s previous statement about potentially charging users. Yaccarino neither confirmed nor denied this plan but mentioned that she discussed various ideas with Musk during their conversations.

Lastly, it was notable that Yaccarino had her iPhone with her during the interview. On her home screen, she did not have the X app but did have Facebook, Instagram, and Starbucks. Moreover, she even placed X in the bottom row of the dock. This raises the question of whether a CEO needs to have their app on the home screen of their own phone.

TLDR: Linda Yaccarino, CEO of X, provided updated user numbers and discussed her role in the company during an interview at the Code Conference. She confirmed her decision-making power and hinted at discussions with Elon Musk about various ideas, including potentially charging users. The presence of X’s app on Yaccarino’s iPhone’s home screen also sparked curiosity about the necessity for a CEO to have their own app on the main screen.

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