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China Declares: No Ban Issued on Apple iPhone or Foreign Tech Devices

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China declared that the Chinese government has not issued any legislation, regulations, or orders prohibiting the purchase or use of foreign-made mobile phones such as Apple.

Previously, there were reports that the Chinese authorities had unofficially instructed state personnel to refrain from using iPhones and other foreign IT devices. Furthermore, additional reports indicated that these restrictions might extend to state-owned enterprises or companies with government investments.

The spokesperson also mentioned news reports highlighting the security vulnerabilities of iPhones, which could be a primary reason for the usage ban. They emphasized that the Chinese government already prioritizes data and network security.

TLDR: The Chinese government has not officially banned the use of foreign-made mobile phones, including Apple products. However, reports suggest that there may be unofficial restrictions on the usage of such devices, and these limitations could potentially expand to state-owned enterprises and companies with government investments. Chinese officials also emphasized the importance of data and network security, which may contribute to the restricted usage.

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