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Cyber Police Sweep Cleanses Capital’s Criminal Syndicates: Erecting Sim Box Vault in Bangkok Office Building

The Technology Crime Investigation Bureau (TCIB), in collaboration with CAT Telecom and AIS, held a press conference regarding the apprehension of a criminal gang operating sim box devices in Bangkok. These sim box devices were discreetly installed in various office buildings and used as a platform for deceiving the public.

Sim box devices, also known as GSM Gateways, have the capability to accommodate up to 32 sim cards per device. In total, there were five locations in Bangkok with a total of 10 sim box devices. The modus operandi involved the criminals making internet calls to the sim box, which would then forward the calls to the intended recipients as regular telephone numbers. This bypassed the suspicions that come with IP phone numbers, as people have become more aware of them and are cautious to answer such calls.

Colonel Dr. Natthatorn Phrahuson, CAT Telecom’s legal expert and chairman of the Technological Offenses Enforcement Integration Committee, announced that recently, CAT Telecom and the Royal Thai Police have been combing the borders, dismantling telecommunication masts that were actively violating the law. This action forced the criminal gang to relocate their operations back to Thailand, particularly within Bangkok, and resort to using sim box devices for their illegal activities.

Previously, the criminal gang would rent houses and set up routers to connect with the sim box devices. This practice made it relatively easy for authorities to identify abnormal usage patterns. However, the gang later started renting office spaces and utilized the routers within the building to camouflage their activities. They even modified the appearance of the sim box devices to resemble amplifiers commonly seen in sound systems, making detection more challenging.

In conclusion, the collaboration between TCIB, CAT Telecom, and AIS successfully brought down a criminal gang that was employing sim box devices to deceive the public. Their relocation within Thailand and the implementation of more sophisticated methods of operation posed challenges, but with the continuous efforts of law enforcement, such criminal activities can be effectively tackled.

TL;DR: The Technology Crime Investigation Bureau, in partnership with CAT Telecom and AIS, disclosed the arrest of a sim box criminal gang in Bangkok. These sim box devices were discreetly placed in office buildings to deceive people through internet calls. Through border crackdowns, the gang relocated to Bangkok and modified their methods. However, authorities adapted and successfully apprehended the gang.

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