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Dreamlight Valley Evolves Beyond Early Access: Embarking on a Continual Gaming Journey, Steering Clear of Free-to-Play Trend

Disney Dreamlight Valley, developed by Gameloft, is an intriguing case study in the gaming industry. Initially intended as a free-to-play game, it has recently made the decision to transform into a full-priced game, making it a unique venture.

First launched in 2022, Dreamlight Valley is currently in its Early Access stage. Players must purchase the exclusive Founder’s Pack Edition to gain early access, a common practice in the gaming industry. At the time of this announcement, Gameloft stated that once the game transitions out of Early Access, it will be available to play for free, with revenue generated from in-game item sales.

After over a year, Gameloft decided to change its plans regarding free-to-play and continue utilizing the same sales model. Players will still be required to purchase the game, with a minimum package price of $39.99. Additionally, there will be the Cozy Edition priced at $49.99 and the Gold Edition priced at $69.99, offering additional in-game items.

Gameloft explains that this sales model allows all players to have a premium experience while providing the company with funds to continually update the game and provide new content to players, free of charge. The option to purchase in-game items using moonstones, an in-game currency, remains available but is purely optional. Players can earn moonstones through in-game achievements or choose to purchase them with real money.

Another aspect of the game’s business model is the sale of an Expansion Pass, with the first installment titled “A Rift in Time.” Priced at $29.99, it will be available to play starting from December 5th, coinciding with the game’s departure from Early Access.

Dreamlight Valley’s approach can be seen as a market trend, where initial premium games transition to free-to-play to expand their player base, similar to The Sims or Overwatch 2. However, Gameloft has chosen to prioritize the premium model for the foreseeable future, with the potential to consider free-to-play options in the long run.

TLDR: Disney Dreamlight Valley, a game developed by Gameloft, initially planned to be free-to-play but has converted into a full-priced game. Players must purchase exclusive packages to gain early access. After the game exits Early Access, it will become free-to-play with in-game item sales generating revenue. Gameloft’s decision maintains a premium gaming experience and funds ongoing updates and additional content. In-game purchases can be made using optional in-game currency or real money. The game also offers an Expansion Pass, starting with “A Rift in Time.” Dreamlight Valley’s model differs from the market trend of transitioning to free-to-play, focusing on the premium model for now.

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