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E3 Confirms Year 2024 Event Shifted from Los Angeles Convention Center, Yet Unabandoned

The future of the E3 gaming exhibition appears to be increasingly uncertain. This comes after the cancellation of the event in both 2022 and 2023. Reports have indicated that the city of Los Angeles has been notified by The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the event organizer, about the cancellation of the reservation for the Los Angeles Convention Center, which has been the regular venue for E3. This cancellation covers the years 2024-2025, with the most recent confirmation from ESA regarding the cancellation of the venue for 2024.

Additionally, ReedPop, the company responsible for event management or organizer, has announced that they have agreed to terminate their collaboration with ESA for future E3 events.

According to reports, ESA has not fully abandoned plans for E3 in 2024 but will not be using the Los Angeles Convention Center as the venue. As for the 2025 plan, it will involve a complete reconstruction of the event’s format.

Stanley Pierre-Louis, the CEO and President of ESA, stated that the current format of E3 does not align with what the gaming industry needs. This includes the postponement of game releases, which has been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The overall economic situation has also led gaming companies to control event expenses. Moreover, these companies are striving to find a balance between online and offline game launches. However, they will continue to seek ways to drive the gaming industry forward.

TLDR: The future of E3, the gaming exhibition, is uncertain following its cancellation in 2022 and 2023. The Los Angeles Convention Center will no longer serve as the venue for the event in 2024-2025. Additionally, ReedPop has terminated its collaboration with the event’s organizer, ESA. While ESA has not completely abandoned plans for E3 in 2024, the event format will undergo a complete reconstruction. CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis acknowledges that the current format does not meet industry needs, given the impact of COVID-19 on game releases and the economic landscape. Gaming companies are striving for a balance between online and offline launches and will continue pushing the industry forward.

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