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Elevating Existing IPs to AAA Gaming Standards: Square Enix’s Ambition Unveiled

A portion of the latest financial statement slides from Square Enix concludes with a Q&A section featuring none other than their current President, Takaaki Kidakushi. The Q&A covers several intriguing topics, including the results of Final Fantasy XVI and the company’s future goals.

Takaaki Kidakushi expressed his desire to increase the company’s profits by focusing on existing game franchises rather than solely attempting to create new IPs. He believes that the current IPs have the potential to be elevated to AAA-level games.

Regarding Final Fantasy XVI, Kidakushi stated that the game is aligned with expectations and there are plans to support various activities and promotions to boost its sales in the upcoming quarters. Additionally, he anticipates that Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis will generate significant profits.

Earlier this year, Square Enix’s stocks plummeted by about 30% compared to their peak, just before the release of Final Fantasy XVI. This decline resulted in a loss of over 2 billion dollars in the company’s market value.

TLDR: In the Q&A section of Square Enix’s financial report, President Takaaki Kidakushi discussed their strategy of increasing profits through existing IPs rather than solely relying on new ones. He expressed confidence in Final Fantasy XVI and shared plans for supporting its promotion and sales. The company suffered a significant drop in stock value due to the release delay, resulting in substantial financial losses.

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