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Elon Musk and Grimes Welcome an Additional Offspring, Enriching Their Progeny to a Total of Ten Individuals

Renowned biographer Walter Isaacson, famous for his work on Steve Jobs, is currently penning a biography on the life of Elon Musk. With exclusive access and direct interviews with Musk himself, Isaacson provides us with a wealth of new information about the enigmatic entrepreneur, which will be unveiled in his upcoming book set to hit shelves next week.

Making headlines is the former flame of Elon Musk, musician Grimes, who parted ways with him in 2021 after having two children together, named X and Y. In addition to X and Y, the couple also shares a third child, Techno Mechanicus, affectionately known as Tau, as the name is inspired by Greek letters like the names of their other two children.

Currently, there are no concrete details about Tau’s gender or age, leaving us all curious.

Elon Musk currently has a total of 10 children. He has five children with his former wife, Justine Musk, three children with Grimes, and twins, a boy and a girl, with Shivon Zilis, the executive of Neuralink, whose birth took place in 2021. The twins’ names, recently announced, are Strider and Azure.

Ever since his early encounter with Isaac Asimov stories, Musk has long been concerned about the potential uprising of our robotic creations. In the linked Time excerpt (https://t.co/7JGHd10lOC), he elucidates the reasons behind this worry and shares his proactive approach in addressing the issue. For those interested, this article provides valuable insights into Musk’s thoughts and actions.

TLDR: Walter Isaacson, the renowned biographer, is currently writing a biography on Elon Musk, offering exclusive insights and direct interviews. Musk, who recently split from Grimes, has a total of 10 children from different partners. The article also touches on Musk’s concern about AI and includes a link to a Time excerpt where he discusses his plans to address the potential risks.

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