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Enhance Your Facial Look with Google Meet’s Skin Smoothing Feature: Exclusive to Mobile Versions

Google Meet recently announced the addition of a highly requested feature called Portrait Touch-up. This feature is designed to enhance the appearance of users during video calls, addressing concerns such as looking tired or worn-out, especially after a workout session, recovering from an illness, or returning from a long trip.

The Portrait Touch-up feature offers two levels of adjustments: Subtle, which provides minor enhancements, and Smoothing, which applies more significant changes to the facial appearance. By incorporating this feature, Google aims to boost user confidence and create a more comfortable video conferencing experience.

Initially, the Portrait Touch-up feature will be available exclusively on the mobile version of Google Meet, with plans to expand it to the web version later this year. The feature will be disabled by default, requiring users to enable it manually. Additionally, it will only be accessible to Google Workspace users and won’t be available for general Google accounts.

TLDR: Google Meet introduces the Portrait Touch-up feature, allowing users to enhance their appearance during video calls. The feature offers subtle and smoothing adjustments, providing a confidence boost for users. Currently available on mobile, with plans to expand to the web version. Only accessible to Google Workspace users.

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