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Exemplary Performance Unveiled: Qualcomm Showcases Snapdragon X Elite, Triumphing Over All Competing CPUs

Qualcomm has recently showcased the benchmark results of its newly launched Snapdragon X Elite chip, claiming superior performance compared to other CPUs in the market, including x86 and Apple M2 (which comes before the M3, recently introduced this morning).

Qualcomm conducted tests on two prototype laptops using the same X Elite chip. Machine A had a TDP of 80W, while Machine B operated at 23W, highlighting the difference in energy consumption profiles.

Geekbench was used to measure CPU performance, both in single-threaded (ST) and multi-threaded (MT) scenarios. The X Elite chip outperformed its rivals by a significant margin, achieving a 10% lead in single-threaded performance and an impressive 50% advantage in multi-threaded performance.

Cinebench, another benchmark, showed that the X Elite chip surpassed its competitors by 20% in single-threaded performance and doubled their performance in multithreaded scenarios.

When it came to AI benchmarks, Qualcomm utilized UL Procyon AI and claimed to be up to 10 times more powerful than x86 CPUs. It is worth noting that the Intel/AMD CPUs used for comparison did not feature built-in NPUs like Qualcomm.

In terms of graphics performance, GFXBench Aztec Ruins showcased a frame rate that was 2.5 times higher than its closest competitor. Additionally, in 3DMark Wild Life Extreme, the X Elite chip outperformed the competition by 67%.

These benchmark results were provided by Qualcomm and have not been independently tested by the media, such as AnandTech. However, Ryan Smith, the editor-in-chief of AnandTech, found some of the selected benchmarks to be quite peculiar. Directly comparing CPUs can be challenging, but the scores are still deemed “interesting” and warrant further observation to see how the actual products will perform.

Snapdragon X Elite is expected to debut in mid-2024 in a range of laptop products, so there is still some waiting to see its real-world usage.

TLDR: Qualcomm has showcased the benchmark results of its Snapdragon X Elite chip, claiming superiority over x86 and Apple M2 CPUs. The tests showed significant leads in single-threaded, multi-threaded, and AI performance. Qualcomm’s graphics performance also outperformed the competition. These results, although not independently tested, are considered interesting and will be closely followed. The Snapdragon X Elite chip is expected to be available in laptops starting mid-2024.

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