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Final Fantasy XVI announces a 20% price reduction after just 3 months of release

Final Fantasy XVI, the highly anticipated 16th installment of the Final Fantasy series, has announced its first-ever price reduction just 3 months after its release on June 22nd. Both the Standard and Deluxe editions of the game are now on sale in digital format. The price of the Standard edition has been reduced to 1,832 baht from the original price of 2,290 baht, while the Deluxe edition is now priced at 2,312 baht, down from the original price of 2,890 baht. The main difference between the Standard and Deluxe editions is that the Deluxe edition includes a Mini Soundtrack and a Mini Artbook in digital format. Both editions will be available at the discounted price until September 9th on the PlayStation Store.

Final Fantasy XVI marks the first main installment of the series to transition from an RPG to a full-fledged action game. While the game has received mixed reviews from fans, with an average Metacritic score of 87/100, it has proven to be a commercial success, with Square Enix reporting sales of over 3 million copies within 7 days.

Whether this price reduction holds any significance or not, it is worth noting that other Western games, such as Diablo 4, have also had price reductions, with a 25% discount on Battle.net and Xbox Store. It is possible that this is part of the normal sales promotion strategy in the gaming industry.

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