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Finally, Metaverse Adds Legs to Avatars in Beta Version, but Only Visible from a Third-Person Perspective

Meta has faced criticism in the Metaverse, including issues like graphic quality and avatars lacking lower bodies. However, they’ve now rolled out an update for Meta Quest headsets.

This new version introduces legs to avatars in the beta release, allowing users to view their complete avatars. This feature is visible in the Horizon Home section, and it’s only viewable from a third-person perspective.

While Meta Quest headsets already offer hand tracking features for controlling avatars without a controller, tracking leg and foot movements was missing. This made it tough to make avatars with legs.

Metaverse by Meta Adds Legs to Avatars in Beta Version, but Only Visible from a Third-Person Perspective

Fact: Meta, once Facebook, now actively invests in Metaverse development. In October 2021, they unveiled a decade-long plan to become a Metaverse-focused firm.

Their goal: Forge a virtual realm where folks can work, connect, and have fun using augmented and virtual reality tech. This move reveals Meta’s dedication to shaping the Metaverse’s future and its profound influence on our lives.

This situation seems like stock fraud

Though a disclaimer at the event’s start may have covered it. In the past, it was clearer when they used fake CGI, but now they present things as if they work in the Horizon development version. This reminds me of when Nikola rolled a truck down a hill to make it seem functional, leading to securities fraud charges against the founder.

Carmack didn’t activate face tracking due to concerns about it looking strange and becoming a meme. He also had no legs, raising questions about whether Zuckerberg’s face tracking used a different motion capture method or multiple takes to fix glitches. Carmack’s elbows appeared awkward, suggesting possible mocap involvement in Zuckerberg’s part.

The face tracking wasn’t shown as a future development, which could be false advertising, especially since it was used for pre-orders. Hopefully, they didn’t go that far, and the presentation reflects their actual abilities.

Zuckerberg’s claim that “Legs are hard, which is why other VR systems lack them” is inaccurate. Vive trackers were introduced around 2017, and Oculus falsely promised to open Constellation tracking to similar accessories, but they never did. Earlier attempts existed, though none were as commercially successful. Moreover, VRChat and many other titles already use a hands-and-head-only system for leg control, even if it’s not highly convincing.

In essence, the presentation of legs here reminds us of the deceptive practices linked to Theranos.

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