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Firefox Introduces One-Time Use Email Service Firefox Relay Directly in the Browser

Mozilla has announced the integration of Firefox Relay, a one-time use email service for privacy, directly within the Firefox browser.
The idea behind Relay is to create random email masks for one-time use, allowing users to sign up for services on various websites without providing their real email (which could be subjected to spam or data leaks if the website is hacked). The registration information is then forwarded (or relayed) to our actual email.

Firefox Relay was initially launched in 2020 as a separate service (accessed through the relay.firefox.com website). It was later developed as an add-on in Firefox and is now being integrated directly into the browser as a button in the toolbar. When registering on websites, a pop-up icon will appear in the email input field, asking if users want to create a new email for this website.

Firefox Relay offers a free service with a limit of 5 emails. Additional premium emails can be purchased. To use it within the Firefox browser, users need to sign up and log in to their Firefox Account.

Mozilla stated that they are gradually opening up Relay features to users in different parts. From personal testing in Firefox, it seems to be working fine with certain websites.

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