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Gathering Evaluations of Alan Wake 2: An Exemplary Sequel’s Average Rating of 89/100 from Multiple Sources, Highlighting a 13-Year Long-Awaited Equation.

Alan Wake 2, the long-awaited sequel that has been in development for 13 years, has finally arrived with a new twist. This time, the game has shifted its genre to Survivor Horror, receiving an average score of 89/100 on Opencritic and 88/100 on Metacritic. Critics agree that it is a highly anticipated continuation of the series. The game successfully combines storytelling and suspense in a captivating manner. However, there are some performance issues and certain gameplay segments that feel tedious. Let’s take a look at what some renowned media outlets have to say:

Gamespot, rating it a perfect 10/10, commends Remedy for delivering their greatest work yet. Alan Wake 2 not only serves as a sequel to Alan Wake but also connects certain aspects of the story from Control and pays homage to Max Payne and Quantum Break. Both main characters, Alan and Saga, play equally important and diverse roles. However, the game does suffer from technical glitches.

Attack of the Fanboy rates it 4.5/5, praising the well-crafted characters and the intriguing world of Bright Falls and beyond. While the combat mechanics may not be the best and the game is relatively easy to beat, Alan Wake 2 is hailed as the best original horror game of 2023.

The Guardian gives it a rating of 4/5, highlighting the exploration of two distinct worlds by the main characters. The game excels in blending investigative processes with strange narrative elements. However, the combat in Alan Wake 2 feels sluggish and more complex than its predecessor, drawing heavy inspiration from the latest Resident Evil Remake. The flashlight mechanics before shooting have not seen much improvement, giving a nostalgic feeling compared to Max Payne’s slow-motion or Control’s combat system.

Tom’s Hardware Italia awards it a 9/10, dubbing Alan Wake 2 as the grandest adventure of this era. The game fearlessly dives into storytelling, crafting a complex and surreal narrative akin to a David Lynch film. Sam Lake, the director, and the Remedy team have artistically enveloped the game with stunning visuals and remarkable gameplay. It is simple yet complete, with some minor flaws discovered in the PC version.

Game Rant rates it 2.5/5, acknowledging the game’s astonishing animation and visually spectacular world. The graphics and sound design deserve praise. The story split into two parts stands out and leaves a lasting impression. However, disappointment arises from the gameplay mechanics, the storyline, and various technical issues. Alan Wake 2 still holds value for die-hard fans of the original game, but others may want to wait for patches or discounts before purchasing.

TLDR: Alan Wake 2, after a 13-year wait, has embraced the Survivor Horror genre, impressing critics with a unique blend of storytelling and suspense. While the game has performance issues and certain sections can feel monotonous, it delivers a captivating experience. Critics praise the well-crafted characters, intriguing world, stunning visuals, and remarkable gameplay. However, combat mechanics and technical problems leave room for improvement. Die-hard fans of the series will find value in Alan Wake 2, but others may want to wait for updates or sales. The game is available on PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC through the Epic Game Store.

Source: OpenCritic, Metacritic.

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