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Generative AI Assists in Proofreading for Gboard Feature, Unveiling Unprecedented Linguistic Accuracy

Google, in its latest announcement, has incorporated Generative AI into its own services, specifically its Gboard keyboard. This integration comes in the form of a new feature called Proofread, which utilizes Generative AI to ensure accurate spelling. Users can simply tap the Proofread button on the toolbar, and the AI will scan the text for errors, providing suggestions for corrections or displaying a Fix it button for automatic error correction.

Additionally, users have the ability to rate the usefulness of each Proofread suggestion, allowing Google to continuously improve the accuracy of this tool in the future.

In a brief explainer, Google mentions that the text we submit for review is sent to their servers for quick scanning to assist the AI in providing grammar and writing suggestions. However, it’s essential to note that this text processing is only temporary.

While Gboard already has impressive auto-correction and spelling check capabilities, Proofread takes this keyboard to another level by employing AI to scan the entire text for errors and provide correction suggestions, rather than just checking one word at a time.

TLDR: Google has introduced Generative AI to enhance the accuracy of its Gboard keyboard through a new feature called Proofread. This feature scans the text, provides suggestions for corrections, and allows for automatic error correction. Users can rate the usefulness of suggestions to improve the tool’s accuracy.

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