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Google Organizes Tiered Apps in Cars as Angry Birds Debut on Android Automotive

Google has announced additional app support on Android Automotive for streaming apps like Max and Peacock, along with the game Angry Birds that can be played while parked. Meanwhile, Android Auto, which projects from the phone to the screen, now supports the Uber Driver app for drivers. This means Uber drivers can receive passenger requests and view navigation on the car’s large screen, instead of using their mobile phones.

Additionally, Google has introduced a “tier” system for car apps, categorizing them into three tiers based on quality:

Tier 3: Car ready – Basic level where apps can work on the large screen without additional modifications, suitable for use when parked.
Tier 2: Car optimized – Includes specific features for driving or parking, with most current apps falling under this tier.
Tier 1: Car differentiated – Apps designed specifically for use in cars, tailored to different screens in premium vehicles with multiple displays.

For Tier 3 apps, Google has launched the Car ready mobile apps program to encourage developers to adapt their apps to meet Tier 3 standards, with Google further promoting their development.

Source: Android Developers

Google allows various categories of apps for use in cars, divided into Android Auto (from smartphone processing) and Cars with Google built-in (Android Automotive as an embedded operating system in vehicles).

TLDR: Google announces expanded app support on Android Automotive for streaming and gaming apps, introduces tier system for car apps based on quality, and launches program to promote Tier 3 app development.

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