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Insufficient Player Base Prompts Valve to Announce Incompatibility of Counter-Strike 2 on macOS: A Merely 1% Participant Ratio Unveiled

Gaming enthusiasts on macOS might be disappointed to learn that Valve recently announced that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, now known as Counter-Strike 2, will no longer support gameplay on macOS. Valve stated that less than 1% of players use macOS. Last month, after the release of Counter-Strike 2, which required an update that rendered it unplayable on macOS, this issue was confirmed in Steam’s frequently asked questions. Valve further explained that this decision was difficult due to discontinuing support for older hardware, including DirectX 9, and 32-bit operating systems.

Valve confirms that the macOS gaming community for CS:GO is smaller than 1%, but they assure users that the previous version, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is still playable with all the same features, except for Matchmaking support. Valve will continue to support this version until January 2024, after which the game will still be playable but will no longer receive updates, and certain functions may be reduced.

It seems that Valve is not fully committed to developing CS2 for Mac, as macOS does not support the original API used by Valve to build the game, making game development on Mac more challenging. Mac users with CS:GO Prime accounts will receive refunds if they primarily play on macOS, and if they played the game during the limited CS2 gameplay testing and launch period, Valve will offer refunds until December 1.

In the future, it appears that Valve may not prioritize supporting gameplay on Mac, considering that even the Steam app on Mac is still an x86 version and has not been updated to support Apple Silicon. On the other hand, Apple also does not support Valve’s Proton, which is Valve’s graphic API.

TLDR: Valve has announced that Counter-Strike 2 will no longer support gameplay on macOS, citing the low percentage of Mac players. While Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can still be played on macOS, it will no longer receive updates and may have reduced functionality. Mac users may be eligible for refunds, and it seems Valve and Apple are not currently prioritizing support for each other’s platforms.

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