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Intel Unveils Thunderbolt 5: Unleashing Unparalleled Data Transfer Speeds of Up to 120 Gbps

Intel has announced the introduction of Thunderbolt 5, the next generation after Thunderbolt 4, which was unveiled three years ago. According to Intel, the data transfer bandwidth has increased by up to three times compared to Thunderbolt 4.

The normal data transfer bandwidth is typically at 80 Gbps, as previously stated. However, with the use of Bandwidth Boost, the data transmission speed can reach up to 120 Gbps, making it ideal for content creators, gamers, and professionals who prioritize high-performance tasks and support multi-screen 8K displays.

Thunderbolt 5 operates on the USB4 V2, DisplayPort 2.1, and PCI Express Gen 4 standards, making it compatible with previous versions of Thunderbolt and USB. Furthermore, it boasts improved energy efficiency, supporting fast charging up to 240W, a significant increase from Thunderbolt 4’s 100W.

Scheduled for release in 2024, Thunderbolt 5 will debut alongside the new generation processor, codenamed Barlow Ridge.

TLDR: Intel has unveiled Thunderbolt 5, the successor to Thunderbolt 4, boasting three times the data transfer bandwidth. With increased speeds and compatibility with multiple standards, Thunderbolt 5 is poised to enhance performance for content creators, gamers, and professionals. It is also more energy-efficient and supports fast charging up to 240W. Expect Thunderbolt 5 to launch in 2024 alongside the Barlow Ridge processor.

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