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Introducing Canva’s Enchanting Magic Studio: An AI-Powered Toolkit for Creative Content Crafting and Management

Canva celebrates its 10th anniversary with the launch of Magic Studio, a set of creative tools powered by AI that aims to simplify and enhance content creation. With all-in-one capabilities, Canva eliminates the need for users to constantly switch between different tools for each task.

The Magic Studio features go beyond just creative work and encompass every step of content creation. One stand-out feature is the Magic Switch tool, which transforms content to fit various formats, such as condensing long text into summaries or blog posts, or even adapting stories for Instagram posts.

For photo editing purposes, Magic Grab allows users to isolate objects in images for position adjustments, while Magic Expand expands the image’s dimensions. Magic Edit offers quick and efficient image editing with prompts. Additionally, the Magic Media feature enables the creation of images from text, reaching even short video levels of creativity.

But that’s not all. Magic Studio also offers fundamental features like text content editing and motion graphics creation within presentation documents. Users can even incorporate AI tools from other developers via the Canva app marketplace.

Magic Studio is now available for all Canva users starting today, with some features exclusive to Canva Pro users.

TLDR: Canva celebrates its 10th anniversary by introducing Magic Studio, a comprehensive AI-powered suite of creative tools that streamline content creation. Magic Switch, Magic Grab, Magic Expand, Magic Edit, and Magic Media are some of the standout features that enable users to transform and edit content easily. Canva Pro users gain full access to all features.

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