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Introducing the New Tesla Model 3: Redesigned, Longer Range, and More

After months of speculation, Tesla has finally unveiled the new Model 3. The exterior has received a complete redesign, with notable changes to the front and rear. The interior still bears resemblance to the previous model but with updated materials in the console area. The rear passengers now have an entertainment touchscreen. The front design showcases sleek and dynamic headlights, featuring daytime running lights within the lamps. The bumper design has also been refined to appear more streamlined. As for the rear, the taillights have been redesigned to exude a similar sense of elegance and sleekness.

Inside, several enhancements have been made. The console, previously made of wood, has been replaced with a more modern material. Ambient lights have been added, and the highlight is the brand-new steering wheel design. The turn signal stalk and Autopilot features have been removed, with all controls located on the steering wheel itself. The rear passengers will have an 8-inch touchscreen located in the rear air vent area for adjusting the air conditioning and entertainment system.

Tesla has also mentioned improvements in the driving experience. The new Model 3 features a redesigned suspension, with new springs and shocks for a smoother ride. Noise cancellation has been enhanced with the addition of noise-insulating glass throughout the vehicle, reducing exterior and road noise by 20-30% compared to the previous model.

One of the most important aspects of an electric vehicle is its range. The new Model 3 boasts a drag coefficient (Cd) of just 0.219 (compared to the previous model at 0.225), making it the most aerodynamic Tesla to date. This directly affects the range, with the Standard Range model capable of traveling 554 kilometers on a single charge and the Long Range Dual Motor model able to go up to 678 kilometers according to WLTP standards (with the use of 18-inch Photon wheels; other wheel options may provide slightly shorter range). Tesla Model 3 with 18-inch Photon wheels.

The new Model 3 is now available for order in Europe (excluding the UK) and select Asian countries such as China and Malaysia. The prices in China are as follows:

Model 3 Standard Range: ¥259,900 or approximately $1.25 million
Model 3 Long Range: ¥295,900 or approximately $1.41 million

Delivery is expected to begin in October in several countries that are open for orders.

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