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Investigation Underway: Sony Alleges Data Breach by Renowned Cyber Group

Gang Ransomware group, Ransomed.vc, claims to have successfully breached Sony’s systems and obtained “all of Sony’s data.” They intend to sell this data in the near future. Interestingly, they have stated that they do not want to ransom Sony for payment, but rather sell the information to others. As proof, they have posted samples of the stolen data, including screenshots of the internal web login system, internal presentation slides, and a number of Java code files. They have specified that there are a total of 6,000 files, which might be considered relatively low in comparison to the entirety of the company’s data, as they claim.

Following this news, representatives from Sony have confirmed that they are currently investigating the incident. It’s important to note that Sony has previously experienced major hacking incidents in both 2011, when the PlayStation Network was hacked, and in 2014, when Sony Pictures also fell victim to a breach.

Source: CyberSecurity Connect, IGN

TLDR: Ransomed.vc claims to have hacked into Sony’s systems and obtained all of their data, which they plan to sell. Sony is currently investigating the incident, having experienced previous hacking incidents in the past.

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