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Microsoft Loop enters General Availability, now accessible to all users.

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Microsoft Loop, two years after its initial launch. This release showcases the capabilities of Copilot, which includes summarization, content writing assistance, and even identifying the issues that have been addressed. However, it is important to note that the features are limited to Microsoft 365 Copilot customers.

Nonetheless, Loop’s feature set, available for free, has expanded with this update. Users can now include Loop Component in Teams channels, in addition to its existing availability in chats. Furthermore, Loop Component can now be placed in OneNote. Whiteboard, a feature that allows for flexible diagramming, will be added in the coming year. Additionally, Planner (formerly known as Microsoft Task) enables users to insert task items into Loop. Code Block is also supported for displaying code in Loop, including main languages and Markdown. Finally, videos can be embedded on webpages or compressed directly from Loop.

Previously, users had to wait for their IT departments to enable Loop as part of the organization’s overall deployment. Moving forward, however, it seems that individuals will have access to Loop without the need for IT to restrict its usage.

TLDR: Microsoft Loop has entered the general availability phase, introducing the power of Copilot and expanding its feature set. Users can now incorporate Loop Component in Teams channels, OneNote, and utilize Whiteboard for diagramming. Additionally, Planner and Code Block support have been added, alongside the ability to embed or compress videos within Loop. This release grants individuals the ability to use Loop independently, without IT restrictions.

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