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Microsofte Forms a Partnership with Oracle to Deliver Azure-hosted Oracle Database Services

Microsoft has announced a collaboration with Oracle to run Oracle Database on Azure, marking Oracle’s first cloud service provider to offer Oracle databases to its customers. This service, known as Oracle Database@Azure, encompasses Oracle Exadata Database, Oracle Autonomous Database, and Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC). All of these services are running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) on Oracle Exadata machines located in Azure data centers through collocation, with Oracle managing the OCI instances.

According to Microsoft, the strength of this model lies in the performance, features, and pricing of the database, which are comparable to Oracle’s own versions. This provides added flexibility for customers who already use Oracle databases but have other systems on Azure and may find it easier to make the transition to the cloud. Customers who already have Oracle licenses can also bring them and use them on Azure (Bring Your Own License), in addition to leveraging Azure’s procurement, contract signing, and billing systems. Both companies provide joint support services.

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TLDR: Microsoft and Oracle have collaborated to offer Oracle Database services on Azure, providing customers with performance, features, and pricing comparable to Oracle’s own versions. It allows for easier migration to the cloud for customers with existing Oracle databases and other systems on Azure. Additionally, joint support services are provided.

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