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Multiple OpenAI Employees Resign Following Ilya Sutskever’s Departure Announcement

It seems like the resignation of Ilya Sutskever, one of the co-founders and chief scientists of OpenAI, may be a new issue within OpenAI as several OpenAI employees have recently revealed that they have also resigned from OpenAI simultaneously without providing reasons for whether it is related to Sutskever’s resignation or not.

One of the individuals who announced their resignation just hours after OpenAI officially announced Sutskever’s resignation is Jan Leike, the head of the Superalignment team responsible for overseeing the handling if artificial intelligence can still be controlled, by posting a message on X that he has resigned.

Previously, a few weeks ago, OpenAI executives who had also resigned were Diane Yoon, Vice President of Human Resources, and Chris Clark, Head of Non-Profit Strategies.

Most recently, additional OpenAI employees who have announced their resignation include Far El, a researcher at OpenAI, and Harrison Kinsley, a programmer and author of “Neural Networks From Scratch,” who mentioned that the reason for their resignation is that no one at OpenAI had met or spoken with Sam Altman, the CEO, but could encounter him at podcasts, online-offline seminars, or negotiating with government agencies.

Source: Business Insider

TLDR: Multiple employees, including key figures like Ilya Sutskever, have resigned from OpenAI, prompting speculation and intrigue within the organization as to the reasons behind these sudden departures.

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