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New Video Call Feature for Game Bar on Windows – Microsoft Teams Play Together

In the middle of August, Microsoft released a new widget for Xbox Game Bar on the Microsoft Store called Microsoft Teams Play Together. As the name suggests, this widget is designed for playing games during Teams video calls and/or sharing your screen for friends to watch the game you’re playing. It supports up to 20 participants in a video call.

When using Microsoft Teams Play Together for video calls, the overlay window will appear on top of the user’s screen. It can be easily accessed through the Windows + G shortcut of the Xbox Game Bar.

However, according to a test conducted by The Verge, the current version of the widget does not display video footage of participants in the overlay window. While screen sharing provides clear images, it is limited to a frame rate of only 30 frames per second, which is considered low compared to other game streaming apps like Discord or Twitch.

Microsoft Teams Play Together is another effort by Microsoft to expand the functionality of Microsoft Teams. While users are familiar with its use in work environments, Microsoft is now focusing on personal usage. This includes features like communities, which were recently introduced for free version users last year.

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