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NxSys Aero Gaming Chair by Cougar: The Ultimate Solution for Efficient Sweat Evacuation

Cougar, the gaming chair manufacturer, has unveiled a new product called NxSys Aero. This new model of gaming chair features built-in fans and RGB lights embedded in the backrest, providing ventilation throughout the user’s body, particularly in the sweat-dispersing area of the back.

The fans installed in the backrest measure 200mm in size, powered by batteries. The chair has a hidden compartment in the back to accommodate the insertion or removal of the batteries. As for the light color adjustment and fan speed control, they are discreetly located on the right side of the backrest, requiring the user to adjust the settings before sitting down.

In addition to the fans, the NxSys Aero also comes with a steel headrest support placed at the top of the chair to provide support for the head and neck. The steel support allows the user to move the headrest around to find the perfect position. Furthermore, there is a lumbar support cushion attached to the backrest to provide support for the lower back. The seating area is designed in a bucket-style that can accommodate wider hips and is covered in PVC leather, providing a comfortable and breathable experience.

The NxSys Aero allows for a 90 to 150-degree recline adjustment, along with adjustable seat height and armrests. The armrests have swivel hinges for small adjustments. The chair is available in two colors: black-black and orange-black. It is priced at $399 in the United States.

In summary (TLDR), Cougar has released the NxSys Aero, a gaming chair with built-in fans and RGB lights. The chair provides ventilation and sweat-dispersing capabilities, along with adjustable features for optimal comfort. It is available in two colors and priced at $399.

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