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Outdated Disappointment: Phil Spencer Laments the Leaked Document as Ancient Intel

In a recent email sent to Microsoft Gaming CEO and Xbox team leader Phil Spencer, he addressed the issue of a major Xbox document leak. Spencer expressed his disappointment in the leaked document, but also revealed that the information within it is over a year old, and Microsoft’s plans have since changed.

Spencer emphasized Microsoft’s strong commitment to maintaining confidentiality and acknowledged that this leak fell short of their own standards. He acknowledged the need to learn from this mistake and move forward. He urged everyone to focus on what can be controlled, such as the success of upcoming projects like Starfield and the new Forza Motorsport game set to be released on October 10, 2023.

Spencer shared that there are still exciting things to come that have not been leaked yet, and when the time is right, they will announce the news for fans to enjoy.

TLDR: Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer addressed a major Xbox document leak, expressing disappointment but clarifying that the information is outdated. He emphasized Microsoft’s commitment to confidentiality, urged learning from the mistake, and directed attention to upcoming projects. Exciting news is yet to be revealed.

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