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Resignation of Microsoft’s Surface Team Leader, Panos Panay, Unveiled by the Innovator

Panos Panay, the current Chief Product Officer (CPO) overseeing Windows + Devices at Microsoft, has announced his departure after a remarkable 19-year tenure. In a Twitter announcement, Panos revealed his decision to start a new chapter in his life, although he has yet to disclose his future career destination.

After dedicating nearly two decades to Microsoft, Panos shared his gratitude for the invaluable experiences and the opportunity to collaborate with exceptional individuals in product development.

The journey doesn’t end here for Panos Panay, as he embarks on a new endeavor, leaving behind a legacy of innovation and leadership at Microsoft. However, the enigma surrounding his next professional venture keeps us anxiously waiting for further updates.

TLDR: Panos Panay, the Chief Product Officer (CPO) of Microsoft’s Windows + Devices division, has announced his departure after serving the company for an impressive 19 years. While the destination of his future career remains undisclosed, Panay expresses gratitude for his time at Microsoft and the remarkable colleagues he collaborated with.

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