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Revolutionary Adobe Innovation: Unveiling Project Stardust, a Novel AI-Powered Image Enhancement Tool

Adobe is preparing to unveil a photo editing tool at Adobe Max called Project Stardust. The standout feature of this AI-powered tool is its ability to analyze and separate objects in photos, making photo editing much faster and efficient.

In a promotional clip for Stardust, Adobe showcased the details of its functionality. By simply clicking on an object within a photo, users can easily move, delete, or transform the object.

For those familiar with Photoshop, selecting objects in an image typically requires tools like the Magic Lasso. However, with Stardust, there is no need to go through the process of outlining the desired object for editing. With just one click, the AI can automatically separate the object from the rest of the image. Additionally, Stardust includes the AI Generative feature of Firefly, which allows users to change objects into something else simply by typing text.

One intriguing aspect of Stardust is its ability to intelligently fill in background details when an object is removed or redesigned. Adobe will provide more detailed information on this feature during the upcoming Adobe Max week.

It’s worth noting that Adobe previously announced its plans to charge for the Firefly service based on credit usage for Generative AI.

TLDR: Adobe is set to launch Project Stardust, a photo editing tool powered by AI, at Adobe Max. Stardust allows users to quickly and easily edit photos by analyzing and separating objects within the image. Its standout features include the ability to manipulate objects by simply clicking on them and an AI Generative feature called Firefly that can transform objects based on text input. Adobe will provide more details on Stardust at the upcoming Adobe Max week.

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