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Revolutionized: Cloudflare’s Ingenious Turnstile System Supplants CAPTCHA, Providing Impeccable Security

Cloudflare has implemented a policy to reduce the use of CAPTCHA to verify whether a user is human or a bot since 2021. Instead, they have adopted various other methods of human verification, collectively known as Managed Challenge.

In 2022, the company introduced a human verification service called Turnstile, which allows websites to utilize the Managed Challenge technique for free. As a result, many people may have started noticing the “Verify you are human” button with the Cloudflare logo when accessing certain websites.

Most recently, Cloudflare announced that they have completely replaced their original CAPTCHA with Turnstile. Therefore, all of Cloudflare’s services will no longer have CAPTCHA. The Turnstile service has entered general availability status, allowing widespread usage. It is also offered for free without any limitations.

Cloudflare is also encouraging websites that use CAPTCHA from other companies (such as Google’s reCAPTCHA) to switch to Turnstile by making only a few code modifications. Moreover, several frameworks and CMS platforms, including WordPress, Angular, and Vue, have started supporting Turnstile.

TLDR: Cloudflare has replaced CAPTCHA with their new human verification service called Turnstile. The service, known as Managed Challenge, offers various methods to verify human users. Turnstile is now available for general usage, free of charge, and compatible with popular frameworks and CMS platforms. Cloudflare encourages websites using CAPTCHA from other providers to switch to Turnstile with minimal code changes.

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