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Rumors Circulate: iPhone SE4 Envisions Adopting Singular Design Akin to iPhone 14, Incorporating Action Button and USB-C

This rumor originates from the website MracRumors, which regularly presents leaked news about Apple products. This time, it’s about the highly anticipated iPhone SE4, which is expected to undergo both a design and hardware change after using the design of the iPhone 8 for two generations.

Internally known as Ghost, the iPhone SE4 is speculated to receive a new design based on the iPhone 14. However, there will be two changes: the Action Button and the USB-C port.

On the back of the iPhone SE4, there will be a single camera with a flash arranged similarly to the iPhone SE 3, which is expected to use a 48MP sensor. However, the design of the camera module is still unclear. Apple divides the design of the rear camera into two types:

1. Camera and flash combined in a rectangular block.
2. Only the camera ring protruding from the back surface.

For the front screen of the iPhone SE4, it might have the same OLED display as the iPhone 14. It won’t have a Home button or Touch ID, but instead, it’s expected to feature Face ID. This assumption is based on multiple references to Pearl, which is an internal codename for Apple’s Face ID technology and related hardware, which has been found to be related to the iPhone SE 4.

As for the 5G modem, Apple might use its own chip, codenamed Sinope, and use it in the iPhone SE4 to test new hardware. Originally, Apple intended to unveil this new model alongside the iPhone 16 product lineup. However, Qualcomm recently announced that they will provide smartphone modems to Apple until 2026.

Please note that the information presented is preliminary and subject to change as the development process of the iPhone SE 4 is still in its early stages. The actual product may differ from these details when it is officially released.

TLDR: The rumored iPhone SE4 is expected to feature a new design influenced by the iPhone 14 and include changes in the Action Button and USB-C port. It might have a single camera with a flash similar to the iPhone SE 3, a front OLED display without a Home button but with Face ID, and a 5G modem possibly using Apple’s own chip. However, these details are subject to change as the development process is ongoing.

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