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Samsung Solves the Issue of Oversized System Storage Display in One UI 6.0

Samsung has finally addressed the problem of inaccurate system storage display that has been plaguing the Galaxy S23. The problem starts with the calculation of storage in binary base GiB (1,024), which results in smaller numbers compared to the decimal base GB (1,000) display. This means that a phone advertised as having 512 GB of storage only has a actual capacity of 476 GiB.

To alleviate this issue, Samsung decided to inflate the numbers by making the 476 GiB display as 512 GB. However, the fake storage had to be placed somewhere, so they lumped it under the ‘System’ category, causing the system size to be significantly larger than it should be, around 55 GB.

In the upcoming One UI 6.0 firmware, which is based on Android 14, Samsung has taken steps to resolve this problem. They now separate the inflated storage into another category called ‘Other files’, totaling 11.34 GB. This brings the system storage size back to a more reasonable 16.5 GB, providing users with a more accurate representation of their available storage. However, it remains to be seen if ‘Other files’ will receive backlash from users who might view it as unnecessary bloatware.

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