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Simultaneous Casting: Twitch Surrenders Stream Transmission to Various Services Whilst Pitted Against Competitors

Twitch has recently made changes to its terms of service, allowing users to simulcast their streams on other platforms alongside Twitch. Previously, Twitch had only allowed streaming to TikTok and Instagram, which both offer similar live streaming services. However, Twitch now permits streaming to any platform, including competitor services, with the exception that streamers must have an exclusive agreement with Twitch.

According to Engadget, Twitch’s decision to relax its restrictions can be attributed to the increasing number of popular streamers leaving the platform, particularly for YouTube. Twitch has been unable to resist this trend and sees the option of simulcasting on multiple platforms as a better alternative than losing streamers to other platforms altogether.

Alongside this update, Twitch has also announced other new features during TwitchCon. One of these is “Stream Together,” which allows up to six streamers to simultaneously stream on their own channels, providing their own fans with the opportunity to watch. Additionally, Twitch has added new service terms that explicitly prohibit doxxing (revealing someone’s personal information) and swatting (making false reports to provoke law enforcement intervention).

In conclusion, Twitch’s latest policy changes indicate a willingness to adapt to the shifting landscape of live streaming. By allowing simulcasting on various platforms and introducing features like Stream Together, Twitch aims to retain its position as a leading streaming platform amidst the competition.

TLDR: Twitch now allows users to simulcast their streams on multiple platforms, in addition to Twitch. The change comes as popular streamers increasingly leave Twitch for YouTube. Twitch’s decision is seen as a way to prevent losing streamers entirely. Furthermore, Twitch introduced features like “Stream Together” and implemented new terms prohibiting doxxing and swatting to enhance user experience and safety.

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