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Sustainable Global Advancement Uplifted via Google’s Cutting-Edge Tool and Feature Updates

Google has announced the addition of tools to promote sustainability, including environmental conservation and disaster warning tools.
The first project is Project Green Light, which utilizes AI to calculate traffic light timings and reduce carbon emissions at intersections. By minimizing the time vehicles spend idling at traffic lights, carbon emissions at intersections can be reduced by 30% and overall carbon emissions can be reduced by 10%. The project has been tested in 70 intersections across 12 cities, including Bali and Jakarta.
Additionally, Google is introducing energy-efficient route finding tools in Google Maps, now available in India and Indonesia. In addition to this, two-wheeler options have been added to the transportation choices.
For users in the United States, Google Search provides more detailed information when searching for electric vehicles, such as battery charging time and energy consumption per distance for different models. Google has also added tools for comparing heating and cooling devices in homes, as well as tools for calculating solar panel installations on buildings.
Lastly, Google has updated its disaster reporting tools with Flood Hub, which provides flood forecasts for an additional 800 locations near rivers in the US and Canada. The wildfire reporting tool has also been enhanced to provide near real-time updates every 15 minutes during incidents. Furthermore, Google has expanded the Tree Canopy data, which now covers over 2,000 cities worldwide, providing information on green spaces.
TLDR: Google has introduced various sustainability tools, including Project Green Light to reduce carbon emissions at intersections. They have also added energy-efficient route finding in Google Maps, two-wheeler transportation options, detailed information on electric vehicles, tools for comparing heating/cooling devices, and calculating solar panel installations. Google has also updated its disaster reporting tools, improving flood forecasting and wildfire reporting, and expanded its Tree Canopy data to cover over 2,000 cities globally.

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