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The Manifestation of Capcom’s Disdain for Game Modding on PC: Akin to Gaming’s Artful Deception

Modding games on PC has become an integral part of the gaming culture. Some games have been greatly improved through mods, such as those in the Bethesda franchise, which add new features or fix certain aspects of the game. However, Capcom, a renowned Japanese game developer and publisher, recently expressed their view that modding games on PC is no different than cheating.

In recent years, the Resident Evil series by Capcom has been particularly popular among modders. They have created impressive and amusing mods, such as bringing in Thomas the Tank Engine and CJ from GTA, which add a comedic twist to the game. More recently, some players have modded the Resident Evil 4 Remake, removing Leon’s shirt.

Capcom has addressed cheating and copyright infringement in PC gaming and the potential repercussions that may arise from modding. In a clip around the 14-minute mark, Capcom suggests that modding is just another form of cheating, claiming that the company considers all mods to be cheats unless officially supported by them.

Furthermore, Capcom states that certain mods with inappropriate content can negatively impact the reputation of the game or franchise. They explain that mods can introduce new issues and increase the demand for developer support, ultimately leading to higher resource and development costs, or even delays in game development.

However, Capcom does not explicitly state that modding is inherently bad or oppose modding. In the presentation, Capcom acknowledges that mods can have positive effects on games.

TLDR: Modding games on PC has become a popular practice, enhancing gameplay and introducing unique elements. Capcom recognizes that while certain mods may have negative consequences, such as damaging a game’s reputation, they also acknowledge the potential positive impact mods can have.

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