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The Metamorphosis of Stray Orange Cat: An Animatronic Cinematic Adaptation in the Offing

Entertainment Weekly, the renowned entertainment news website, has recently provided information about an exciting development in the gaming world. The popular indie game “Stray” from BlueTwelve Studio, a French independent game studio, is being adapted into an animated feature film by Annapurna Animation, the studio behind the recent hit “Nimona” on Netflix.

Robert Baird, a key figure at Annapurna Animation, stated in an interview that “Stray” has a highly human storyline, even though the game itself lacks any human characters (only featuring cats and robots). The narrative also incorporates elements of buddy comedy, which has contributed to the game’s immense popularity. The challenge for the animation team lies in effectively capturing and conveying these emotional elements.

Annapurna Animation, a newly-established animation studio, operates under the same umbrella as Annapurna Interactive, the distributor of the game “Stray.” Both entities are subsidiaries of Annapurna Pictures, founded by Megan Ellison, the daughter of Larry Ellison from Oracle (although the business operations are unrelated to Oracle).

In addition to the “Stray” project, Annapurna Animation also has exciting new projects in the works, including a film directed by Nick Bruno (known for “Nimona”) and another directed by Chris Wedge (known for “Ice Age”).

In summary, the critically-acclaimed game “Stray” is set to make a leap onto the big screen, thanks to Annapurna Animation’s endeavor. The film adaptation aims to capture the game’s human-like storyline and inject a touch of buddy comedy, all while showcasing the studio’s ability to bring these emotions to life. Stay tuned for more developments on this exciting venture!

TLDR: Entertainment Weekly reports that the indie game “Stray” is being adapted into an animated film by Annapurna Animation, the studio behind “Nimona.” The game’s human-like storyline and buddy comedy elements have contributed to its popularity. Annapurna Animation is part of the Annapurna umbrella, along with Annapurna Interactive and Annapurna Pictures. The studio has other exciting projects in the pipeline, directed by Nick Bruno and Chris Wedge.

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