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The Talking Flower: Super Mario Wonder’s Exclusion of Live Sports Commentary System

The Super Mario Bros. Wonder development team has revealed the behind-the-scenes details of their game development. Initially, the team had planned to incorporate game dialogue that would play during various scenes, similar to live sports commentary. However, this feature was ultimately removed.

The first idea to include this feature was to give players who were already familiar with the Mario game a new atmosphere while playing. However, the main point of contention during the development of this feature was what form the dialogue should take. The default option was to have a sports commentator-like narrator, but the team experimented with adding a nonchalant tone to the dialogue. However, this option was not well-received during testing (the team jokingly referred to this sound as “punk mode”).

After 6 months of development, the game’s dialogue system was ultimately removed due to numerous obstacles in creating a satisfactory output. Instead, a Talking Flower was introduced as a replacement. This flower provides guidance on gameplay strategies at various points throughout the game. According to Koichi Hayashida, the game’s producer, the Talking Flower gives players a sense that they are not alone in their journey, as this companion assists at the appropriate times.

TLDR: The Super Mario Bros. Wonder development team initially planned to include game dialogue that would enhance the player’s experience. However, after facing challenges in development, the dialogue feature was removed and replaced with a Talking Flower companion that provides gameplay guidance.

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