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The Transfiguration of Anthropic: AWS Fully Embraced as Amazon Duos Invests $4 Billion

Amazon has announced an investment in the artificial intelligence startup, Anthropic, and is prepared to fully utilize the AWS platform to deliver its services. This deal is reminiscent of the partnerships between OpenAI and Microsoft. Anthropic will develop its own technology by integrating it with AWS technology, starting from training AI models using AWS Trainium and running models with Inferentia, and then providing services through Amazon Bedrock. In addition, AWS will invest in building infrastructure specifically for Anthropic.

Anthropic’s AI, Claude, is considered a worthy successor to GPT-4, with the added capability to support large context sizes of up to 100k. Test results have shown that Claude surpasses GPT-3.5 significantly, but still falls behind GPT-4.

Despite the substantial investment, Anthropic claims to maintain its independence and has a special class of shares, Class T, which grants the power to remove board members from another shareholder.

TLDR: Amazon has invested in Anthropic, a startup focused on artificial intelligence. Anthropic will utilize AWS technology to develop its own AI, Claude, which shows promising advancements compared to previous models. Despite the investment, Anthropic remains independent and has special shares that provide control in decision-making.

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