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Threads Unveils Externally-Facing API, Yet to Define a Lucid Structure at Present

There are additional issues from the Q&A session about Threads, Adam Mosseri’s team at Instagram, and Threads. One person asked about plans to open up the API for external developers to use.

Mosseri stated that they are working on this matter, but he has concerns that opening up the API would mean more content flooding into the platform, potentially reducing the amount of content from creators. Nonetheless, this is something they have to handle carefully.

Mosseri’s explanation confirms that Threads does have plans to open up the API for usage. However, there are worries about how to manage the content through the API. Twitter, in the past, grew significantly after opening up their API to external developers, resulting in various third-party apps and an influx of content bots, both beneficial in terms of disseminating news but also requiring stricter regulation. As a consequence, Elon Musk adjusted the API policy by enforcing higher fees. If Threads establishes a broader API usage framework, it could seize the opportunity to attract developers as well.

TLDR: During a Q&A session, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram and Threads, revealed their plans to open up the API for Threads. However, concerns about content management through the API, as seen with Twitter in the past, necessitate careful consideration. Greater API availability for Threads could potentially attract developers and foster growth.

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