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Unveiling Evidence: Amazon Echo Show 5 Embraces a Novel Operating System to Supersede Fire OS

From the preceding news that Amazon is developing a new operating system called Vega to replace the latest Fire OS, it has been discovered that this operating system is already being used on at least one model of the Echo Show smart display. Dave Zatz, from the website Zatz Not Funny!, posted a picture of the 3rd Gen Echo Show 5, a small screen model from 2023, displaying the version of the operating system labeled as “OS 1.1,” which differs from previous versions that clearly specified Fire OS along with a version number of 6.5.

Although Amazon did not explicitly mention the name of the Vega operating system (presumably, it is just a code name), another piece of evidence is that Echo Show 5 is using a new operating system. Amazon announced to its customers that this particular model does not support Netflix, which is different from other Echo Show models. This implies that the new operating system still does not have a large enough customer base for Netflix to develop and support their app.

TLDR: Amazon is secretly testing a new operating system called Vega on the Echo Show 5, as revealed by a photo shared by Dave Zatz from Zatz Not Funny!. This new operating system, labeled as “OS 1.1,” replaces the previous Fire OS and indicates Amazon’s effort to differentiate their software offerings. However, due to the lack of Netflix support on this model, it suggests that this new OS has yet to gain a significant user base.

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