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Starfield: The Highly Anticipated RPG Game from Bethesda

Starfield, the flagship RPG game from Bethesda Softworks, the creators of Skyrim and Fallout, has been one of the most eagerly awaited games of the year, with review scores now released.

It has received a combined score of 88/100 on Opencritic and 87/100 on Metacritic. Reviews from major media outlets such as IGN, PC Gamer, and Gamespot have given it an average score of 7/10, while other notable outlets like GamesRadar+, Destructoid, Forbes, and GamingTrend have given it an average score of 9-10.

Critics have praised Starfield for elevating the open-world RPG game genre and having an intriguing storyline. However, they have also noted that it falls short in terms of space exploration compared to Skyrim and Fallout 4, which are considered masterpieces by Bethesda. The game boasts a vast and expansive universe but lacks depth.

PC Gamer, for example, gave it a score of 75/100, stating that while the game is filled with DNA from Skyrim and Fallout 4, it falls short of living up to the greatness of those two games. Nevertheless, the reviewer mentioned that they still enjoyed the game and had already clocked in 90 hours of gameplay, with another 90 hours to come.

Gamespot gave it a score of 7/10, stating that Starfield has impressive moments, satisfying combat, and worthwhile secondary missions, but the traditional RPG systems and the lack of a compelling vision for the universe hinder the overall experience.

Destructoid, on the other hand, gave it a perfect score of 10/10, praising Bethesda for taking sandbox games to new heights and establishing a new standard for open-world RPGs with a beautiful universe, captivating story, and enjoyable gameplay.

Game Informer rated it 8.5/10, describing Starfield as a vast and immersive adventure with a multitude of interconnected stories.They anticipated that it would take some time to find the game’s stand-out moments in its expansive universe, but ultimately found the exploration rewarding.

PC Mag gave it a score of 58/100, stating that while the game offers a vast and content-rich space exploration experience, it lacks the surprising sense of wonder.

Starfield is set to release on September 6th for Xbox Series X/S and PC, with those who have purchased the Premium Edition already able to enjoy the game today.

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